What does the Bible say about


“What will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

Matthew 24:3

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Are We in the End Times?

The Bible talks about what will happen in the period before Jesus returns to earth, and that period is called the end times. This site can help you learn more about predictions and signs that will point to the end of the world, and how we should respond.


The rapture is when Jesus returns for all believers, dead or alive, and returns with them to heaven. It is imminent and keeps His Church from the coming time of tribulation. We look forward to it because it is the beginning of eternity with our Creator, in person, face to face.


The coming seven-year time when God’s patience ends, and He pours His wrath out, undiluted, on the unbelievers who remain after Jesus raptures His Church. God expects these rebels to repent and believe in Jesus’ Name, but most will not. It is the beginning of the unbeliever’s eternal separation and suffering.


The Bible teaches about multiple judgments, not just one general judgment at the end of the Ages. There are separate judgments for believers, unbelievers, and angels, including Satan. All personal beings are morally responsible to God, their Creator, and Redeemer; Jesus is our only Shield.


The thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ over the earth, based in Jerusalem, happens after the tribulation and before Jesus’ eternal rule. God promised King David that one of his descendants would rule over the earth forever, in peace and righteousness. Jesus, the Son of God, is that Son of David.


The eternal state begins after Satan leads a final unsuccessful rebellion at the end of Jesus’ thousand-year reign. In eternity, God brings His heavenly home to a recreated earth to live among His people. God will make everything new, and there will be no more sorrow but eternal blessedness.