Who are the Twenty-four Elders?

Who are the Twenty-four Elders, Tribulation, End Times

Definition: Elder—Twenty-four representatives of rewarded Church Age believers. In Revelation 4:4, after Jesus raptures the Church, twenty-four elders sit on thrones arranged around God’s throne in heaven. These elders are saints from the Church Age, dressed in white because they washed their robes in Jesus’ blood (they believed in His Name), and these overcomers wore gold […]

When is ‘The Day of God?’

When is the Day of God? End-Times, Tribulation, Eternity

‘The Day of God’ is the name of two ‘Day of the Lord’ events.  Definition Day of the Lord—In prophecy, this is any day of climactic judgment or blessing by the Lord. The tribulation years are one example of the day of the Lord. The Bible Mentions ‘the Day of God’ Twice This “great day of […]

What is the Davidic Kingdom?

what is the Davidic Kingdom, End-Times, Millennium

The Definition What is the Davidic Kingdom? God promised King David that one of his descendants would reign as King forever (2 Samuel 7:16). Jesus was born in the line of David. Jesus isn’t yet reigning on His earthly Davidic throne during this Church Age. He will fulfill that promise during His Millennial reign and […]

Who is the Overcomer in Revelation?

Who is the Overcomer in Revelation, End-times, Eternity

Overcomer—In Revelation, this refers to a believer who perseveres under severe trials, even unto death. God gives this person a special reward. In 1 John, the same author uses it to refer to someone who overcomes the world by simply believing in Jesus’ Name for eternal life. “Whoever is born of God overcomes the world, […]

The Two Witnesses (Revelation 11)

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Introduction: The Command to Measure (11:1-2) There will be a temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation. In the first half of the tribulation, the Jews will make regular sacrifices and offerings in that temple. The Two Witnesses (Revelation 11) At its mid-point, The Beast (Antichrist) will enter the temple, make it his headquarters for ruling […]

666 (Revelation 16:17-18)

666 (Revelation 16:17-18, The mark of the Beast, Tribulation, End- Times

Definition of 666 666 (Revelation 16:17-18) is the alarming number of the Beast revealed in Revelation 13:17-18. The False Prophet causes all people who want to buy or sell during the tribulation to get this number placed on their wrist or forehead. God casts the people who take this mark into the lake of fire […]


Babylon, What is Babylon, Babylon Definition, Tribulation, End-Times

Definition of Babylon— The Bible uses the name symbolically to refer covertly to Rome, Jerusalem, or to false religions. Babylon was a great empire that ruled the known world from 612 BC until it was defeated by the Medo-Persian empire in 539 BC. It is located on the Euphrates River. Its false religions began with […]

What is the Church Age?

What is the Church Age, End-Times, Rapture. Salvation

What is  the Church Age? This is the time we’re living in now, between Pentecost and the rapture. The time between Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit first came to indwell believers in Jesus, and the rapture, when Jesus returns to resurrect ‘sleeping’ believers and take them and living believers to heaven. The Church is Those […]

Who is the Restrainer?

Who is the Restrainer, Holy Spirit, Rapture, End-times

The restrainer is the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul says the lawless one (Antichrist) won’t be revealed until the restrainer is removed (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8). False Teaching led to Panic The Thessalonians were panicking. A false teacher had written them a letter telling them the “day of Christ” (a reference to the rapture) had already […]

Who is Michael the Archangel?

Who is Michael the Archangel, tribulation, End-Times

Michael the Archangel is the angel appointed to stand guard over Israel (Daniel 12:1-3). He and his angels battle Satan and his angels at the midpoint of the tribulation. Michael wins the battle, casts Satan out of heaven, and throws him to the earth (Revelation 12:7-9). Only Michael is Called an Archangel How many archangels […]