666 (Revelation 16:17-18)

666 (Revelation 16:17-18, The mark of the Beast, Tribulation, End- Times

Definition of 666 666 (Revelation 16:17-18) is the alarming number of the Beast revealed in Revelation 13:17-18. The False Prophet causes all people who want to buy or sell during the tribulation to get this number placed on their wrist or forehead. God casts the people who take this mark into the lake of fire […]

Who is the Second Beast?

Who is the second beast, 666, antichrist, false prophet, end times, Tribulation

Who is the Second Beast? False Prophet—He is the third member of the Satanic trinity, operational in the tribulation years. Satan is the first member, the Beast (Antichrist) (link) is the second, and the False Prophet (a.k.a., the Second Beast) is the third member. He causes the entire world to worship the Beast and take […]