Who is the Elijah to Come?

who is the elijah to come

Who is the Elijah to Come? The Elijah of the bible was the old testament prophet to Israel who famously called fire down from heaven. He didn’t die; God took him to heaven in a chariot. He’s prophesied to return before the Day of the Lord. He appeared along with Moses at Jesus’ Transfiguration. Many prophecy students think he is one […]

Who is the Second Beast?

Who is the second beast, 666, antichrist, false prophet, end times, Tribulation

Who is the Second Beast? False Prophet—He is the third member of the Satanic trinity, operational in the tribulation years. Satan is the first member, the Beast (Antichrist) (link) is the second, and the False Prophet (a.k.a., the Second Beast) is the third member. He causes the entire world to worship the Beast and take […]